Adjusting Phase


The Precision Phase Shifters - or Phase Adjusters - allow the adjustment of the electrical separation between components. A precision mechanical movement provides for smooth and accurate adjustment over the entire frequency range. A secure locking mechanism is furnished with every unit. A wide selection of components is available, offering different mechanical configuration, frequency range, electrical length and/or connector configuration.



The phase shifters are mechanical devices, therefore the change of phase depends on the adjustment of the elctrical length of a line. For lower frequencies or longer phase adjustments, a trombone line is usually used. For higher frequencies or shorter adjustments, only a straight line may be sufficient. Using an air line results in low insertion loss and good VSWR. The designs of Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH employs air lines, whenever possible.



Phase Adjusters are available for different frequency ranges (DC - 2.0 GHz, DC - 12.4 GHz, DC - 18.0 GHz, DC - 26.5 GHz, DC - 40.0 GHz, DC - 50.0 GHz and DC - 65.0 GHz). For economical reasons the components have been engineered for these different frequency bands. A rather simple design will meet all the requirements at lower frequency ranges, while only a most precise design will work satifactorily at higghest frequencies.



Most of the Phase Adjusters of Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH are available with different connector configurations, providing that the frequency range of the connectors do not limit the frequency range of the application. The flatpack phase adjusters can be supplied with 7 mm, SMA, N, and TNC, males and females, as standard. Besides the units being supplied with connectors, using the same style but different sex at input and output, it is even possible to have a unit being supplied with connectors of completely different connector styles, e.g. N female as an input connector and SMA male as the output connector, etc.
The Adjustable Adapters and Components, serving to 26.5 GHz are offered with SMA connectors, and are available with male or female connectors at the in- and output or viceversa. To 40.0 GHz usually 2.92 mm connectors will be used, and to 50.0 GHz the 2.4 mm connectors have been chosen. The ones that work up to 65.0 GHz are assembled with 1.85 mm connectors.



Mostly Phase Adjusters will be needed in systems where the adjustment of the phase is done for only a few times. As soon as the phase is set properly as needed in the system, the unit will usually be locked, and remain in this position. In other applications the phase shifters are installed in test sets where the adjustment of phase is made continuously. For these applications, only the Phase Adjusters using ball bearing support and special mechanisms can be recommended.



Every microwave component shows reflections and discontinuities within the circuit, as no design can be perfect, and manufacturing tolerances unfortunately do not allow theoretical results. VSWR is the ratio of the reflected signal and the incident signal. Phase Shifters are using a high number of parts. Therefore, the tolerances on the dimensions of the piece parts need to be as tight as possible not only for mechanical purposes, but also for electrical reasons, in order to assure that reflections cannot build up after some time of operation.



The standard components are designed for low or moderate power applications. For higher power applications, units can be supplied as specials, engineered exactly to customer's needs.



Although Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH offers a wide variety of standard phase adjusters, there will always be a need for a special component, using different mechanical configuration, wider phase adjustment, other frequency ranges, etc.
Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH is a very innovative Company. It employs a strong and successful team of experienced engineers. They will always do their best to propose something that will perfectly fit the customer's needs.



The life expectancy of a unit will depend in the first place on the operating environment versus unit design. Secondly, it will depend on the lifetime of the ball bearings, seals and contact junctions. Other parameters that are limiting life are rotational speed and external mechanical loading, or pressurizing the unit. Harsh environment, subjecting the component to vibrations, shock, extremely low or high temperatures, humidity, etc. may further shorten the lifetime. It is therefore of utmost importance to identify in detail the environment the device is supposed to operate in. If the unit is installed in a system where the phase only will be adjusted a few times, it would not be necessary to select a device that is using ball bearings in the design, vice versa will a phase adjuster cause trouble in an environment where it is constantly adjusted, when not the appropriate mechanical design will be used. Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH has a large number of available designs. Please take the time to decide on the unit that fits exactly your requirements.

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