Cable Assemblies
with Interchangeable Connectors


To ensure accurate testing and optimum system performance, the cable assemblies of test stations are always calibrated with the system. One certain cable set will be used, fitted with certain connectors.
It happens then eventually, that a component would need to be included into the test, showing a different connector configuration. Adding a between-series adpater might be an alternative, but would change the electrical length of the setup. Consequence is then usually to change to different test cables, employing the connectors needed, and calibrating the system again. Or it occurs that a certain test result is doubted, as it is too bad, or too good. Recalibrating the system and retesting is usually the only alternative.



Cable Assemblies with Interchangeable Connectors

The answer is the Cable Assembly using Interchangeable Connectors. A Primary Connector Unit is fitted to the cable, accepting those Interchangeable Connector Series. As the Interchangeable Connector Heads have similar electircal perfomance and are of same electircal length, they can be changed during testing. If the performance of a Connector Head is questionable, it can be exchanged in not ime, and the test results can be compared.
A cable assembly can be supplied with the Primary Connector Unit on one, or both ends. In no time the Interchangeable Connectors can be put on, as needed for the application. Basic Connector Units have been developed for the Phase Stable ANA Test Cables of Types 18 und 22, and as well as for a variety of other Test Cables Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH is offering, such as the cables of Types 10, 14, 100 and 140.
The Interchangeable Connector Heads are available in most popular connector series, such as 7 mm, N, SMA and TNC. All these connector heads of the different connector series are of the same electrical length (except the short N female).



For your Cable Assembly you need to specify the type of cable. You have to decide then about the connector configuration. You may choose to have the Primary Connector Unit terminated on both ends, or you may decide to have the Primary Connector Unit for the Interchangeable Connectors only on one end and regular connector on the other side. The codes for regular connectors are listed. General ordering information is to be found here.



Normally the Cable assembly with Interchangeable Connectors is supplied in an instrument case, as a Standard Kit, or the Professional Kit. It contains also a number of Interchangeable Connectors and a torque wrench. Additional empty spots can be filled with connector heads on seperate order, as needed in the individual application.



Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH is a very innovative company. Our engineers are constantly designing new products, or modifying existing products to customer's requests. If you do not find exactly what you need on our website, please contact our sales or engineering department.



Primary Connector Unit for Interchangeable Connector Series as supplied with the cable assembly. Primary Connector Unit

Type Sex Description Remarks Connector
of equal
Code Part No. Material/
7 mm --- straight 4
equally spaced
contact slots
Yes E90 9015-E110-02 Stainless
--- 6
equally spaced
contact slots
Yes E96 9615-E110-02
N male straight --- Yes E51 3015-E110-02 Stainless
female --- Yes E61 3015-E210-02
female Short version No E62 3015-E211-02
SMA male straight Maxi Nut Yes E11 2015-E110-02 Stainless
female --- Yes E21 2015-E210-02
TNC male straight --- Yes E31 4015-E110-02 Stainless
female --- Yes E41 4015-E210-02



9015-E110-02 9615-E110-02
3015-E210-02 3015-E110-02
2015-E210-02 2015-E110-02
4015-E210-02 4015-E110-02
3015-E211-02 ← Short Version of N female, straight



Purchasing Information on Field-replaceable Cable Assemblies


For individual cable assemblies, made to customer specification, or complying with special requirements, the company will assign a special part number.

Ordering Example:

The cable assembly of Type 22 shall have the length of 75 cm (length is measured from interface to interface in mm). It shall be terminated with Field-replaceable Connectors, N female and 7mm.

  • AB = cable code = 22
  • CDEF = length in mm = 0750
  • GH and JK are the connectors = E61 and E90

Part Number for the cable assembly in this example: 22 - 0750 - E61 - E90

Set of
Interchangeable Connectors
Interchangeable Connector Box
Cable Assemblies with interchangeable connectors are usually supplied in a pristine wooden box.

- Cable Assembly will always have the same electrical length when fitted with any of the connectors supplied with the assembly.
- Standard cables available are Type 22 and Type 100
- Torque Wrenches are supplied for connectors SMA, N, TNC and 7 mm
- A wrench for the primary unit is supplied as well.

Ordering a complete box with all 7 standard field replaceable connectors, following Part Number can be used:

- For XXX, please fill in the required cable type.
- For YYYY, please fill in the length of the assembly in mm (measured from reference planes of the primary units.
- For non-standard orders a special Part Number will be assiigned.

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