Length Tolerances on Cable Assemblies


The length "L" of a standard cable assembly is measured from the reference planes of the connectors, if not specified differently in the order. For angled connectors the center axis is used instead.

Length Tolerances on Cable Assemblies

The standard tolerance "T" of the length of the cable assembly depends on the actual length and the type of cable - flexible or semi-rigid.

If not specified in the order, the standard tolerances below will be used. Upon request other tolerances can be offered. But it will depend on the type of cable, the style of the connectors and possibly also on other parameters of the customer's specification. Smaller lengths tolerances may be subject to surcharge.

Flexible Cable Assemblies
Length "L"Tolerance "T"
100 cm max.± 2.0 mm
100 cm to 200 cm±3.0 mm
> 200 cm± 10.0 mm or 1.0 % of the length
(whichever is greater)


Semi-rigid Cable Assemblies
Length "L"Tolerance "T"
20 cm max.± 0.5 mm
20 cm to 50 cm±1.0 mm
50 cm to 100 cm± 1.5 mm
100 cm to 310 cm± 3.0 mm
310 cm to 610 cm± 5.0 mm
> 610 cm± 10.0 mm or 1.0 % of the length
(whichever is greater)
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