LRL/TRL Calibration Kits



The LRL (Line Reflective Line), or TRL (Through Reflective Line) Kits are using a different approach. To calibrate the system a Short is needed and Throughlines of two different lengths. The Throughlines are supposed to be ideal. This means that not only the impedance of 50 Ohms has to be maintained perfectly. Center Contacts are allowed to be recessed within allowed limits. The Center Contacts of the Throughlines are therefore available in different lengths, taking care of the recessed Contacts at the Test Equipment. Therefore for every Outer Conductor of a Throughline a number of Center Contacts are supplied, from “0” Recession/Protrusion to max. Protrusion, equaling the max. allowable Recession of the Test Equipment Connector.

LRL/TRL Calibration Kits
(Standard Calibration Kit)
LRL/TRL Calibration Kit / Standard Calibration Kit


LRL/TRL Calibration Kits
(Professional Calibration Kit)
LRL/TRL Calibration Kit / Professional Calibration Kit



Each Calibration Kit contains as a minimum for the Standard Calibration Kit: two Shorts (male and female), two Throughlines each (female/female, male/ female, male/male) in different lengths and a Disc for the Calibration Characteristics. The Disc is supplied either for the Vector Network Analyzers of Hewlett Packard, or Wiltron, and is ready to be used. The Professional Calibration Kit contains also Interface Gauges, Calibration Blocks for the Interface Gauges, and a Torque Wrench.

(Standard Calibration Kit)
Description of Standard LRL/TRL Calibration Kit


(Professional Calibration Kit)
Description of Professional LRL/TRL Calibration Kit



If you are using a Standard Calibration Kit and did not purchase any Connector Interface Gauges, you should not use the longer Center Contact. If you have Interface Gauges available you should first measure the Recession of the Center Contacts in the Connectors of the Vector Network Analyzer, or if you are using Test Cables, the Recession of the Center Contacts in the connectors of those cable assemblies. Then you should select the correct oversize Center Pin, taking care of the Recession at those Connectors. learn more »



As mentioned earlier, the Throughlines are supplied as outer conductors and different lengths center conductors. To install the Throughlines, please proceed as follows:

  1. Measure the Recession of the Test Connectors.
  2. Select the appropriate oversize Center Pin (oversize in length).
  3. Install the Outer Conductor of the Throughline on one of the Test Connectors.
  4. Insert the appropriate Center Conductor into the Outer Conductor of the Throughline, using the especially designed Insertion Tool.
  5. Extract the Insertion Tool and connect carefully the second Test Connector.



In order to ensure proper mating of the connectors, it is highly recommended to always use Torque Wrenches. They do not only ensure proper connection of the components but they also help to prevent overtorquing, which may damage or degrade the performance of these expensive ideal components. learn more »



LRL/TRL Calibration Kits are availabe in the following connector series: 2.92 mm, 3.5 mm, 7 mm, N, SMP and TNC.



Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH offers a series of Phase Stable Assemblies, fitted at one side with the appropriate NMD connector for direct connection with the Vector Network Analyzers of Hewlett Packard and Wiltron, and with 2.4mm, 2.92 mm, 3.5mm, SMP, N, TNC, etc. at the other end of the Assembly. learn more »

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