RF Multipin Connectors RQ-Series


INTRODUCTION on Rectangular Multipins

Rectangular Multiport RQ23-DC26
23 Coaxial Cable Assemblies
26 Signal and Supply Lines

The RQ-Multipin Connectors are using rectangular shells, developed by Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH, allowing dense packaging. The operating frequency depends on the inserts used, operating up to 65.0 GHz.

The RQ23-DC26 is employing twenty-three coaxial cable assemblies plus twenty-six signal lines in one connector and has been qualified in an airborne program. Coaxial cable of Type 11 and/or Type 43 and AWG20 wire for the lower frequency signals or supplies are being used. It can be modified for other coaxial cables.

For certain applications even the coaxial connections of our circular TQ- and IQ- or CQ- and BQ- Series were too little, plus there was a need for DC signal and driver signals, challenging Spectrum to design a Multi-Coax/DC Connector connecting and disconnecting 23 coaxial RF lines and 26 signal and supply lines at once and in seconds, and by using the smallest possible size for this complex design. The male coaxial insert is a modified version of our successful SMA Push-On for lower insertion force and withdrawal force, as we are specifying 150 N maximum in total for the insertion and withdrawal of all 23 coaxial lines plus the 26 signal and supply lines. The female coax inserts terminating the cable use the standard SMA female interface, mating with any standard SMA male connector, while the male SMA Push-Ons mate with any standard SMA female connector by just being pushed on, instead of threadening and torquing. Using the standard SMA connector styles ensures that existing test cables terminated with SMA connectors can be used during testing.

With 23 coaxial cable assemblies there is a good chance that one, or even several may be damaged at some time and need to be replaced. Therefore the connectors were designed such that any of the coaxial cable assemblies can be replaced in a very short time by just taking out the proper mounting bolt, holding the coaxial inserts in groups of 4 or 8 in place, and replacing the assembly or assemblies and inserting and securing the mounting bolt again. The maximum operating frequency of the design to the left is guaranteed to 25 GHz when using the cable of Types 11 or 43.

Several modern systems require phase match of the cable assemblies of a harness. Spectrum is using utmost cable manufacturing, interface cutting techniques and advanced adjustable connector designs meeting almost any requirement a customer may have for phase match among the assemblies.

Selecting the proper materials and aging techniques in well defined processes is an important parameter as well to make cable assemblies and harnesses to operate in temperature ranges of minus 54°C to plus 115°C as standard. Spectrum off ers also extended temperature ranges from minus 72° C to plus 200°C. All connectors are RoHS compliant and meet the condition and corrosion requirement to MILSTD-202, method 101, condition B. The Connector series are compliant to thermal shock to MIL-STD-202, method 107, condition B, vibration to MIL-STD-202, method 204, condition D, and shock to MIL-STD-202, method 213.

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RF Multipin Connectors
RF Multipin Connectors
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