The 2019 Phase Adjusters Handbook

The Catalog shows in detail Phase Adjusters for different frequency ranges, DC - 2.0 GHz, DC - 3.0 GHz, DC - 8.0 GHz, DC - 12.4 GHz, DC - 18.0 GHz, DC - 26.5 GHz, DC - 40.0 GHz, DC - 50.0 GHz and DC - 63.0 GHz, Factory and Customer phase-adjustable Connectors, Phase-matched Cable Assemblies, etc. Phase Adjusters are designed for constant impedance over the whole adjustment ran...learn more »

Miniature Phase Adjusters

Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH offers a new line of Miniature Phase Adjusters, operating in the frequency range DC - 40.0 GHz (2.92 mm), DC - 50.0 GHz (2.4 mm) and DC - 63.0 GHz (1.85 mm). The products, as the standard units, which start at 2.0 GHz, are designed for constant impedance of 50 Ohms over the whole adjustment range. The precision mechanical mechanism guarantees contin...learn more »

High-power Adapters of Series 8058

Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH is introducing high-power Adapters of Product Category 8058-, working up to 18.0 GHz, which show In-series and Between-series Adapters of Types N and TNC. The units use special heat dissipating dielectric between center conductor and outer conductor, and have cooling fins to dissipate power to the environment. In addition the high-power hermetically...learn more »

Stripline Phase-adjustable Adapters

Application System Use: "Set the electrical length with no locking needed due to the design." Precision Phase Adjusters, DC to 8.0 GHz Small housing, flat pack configuration. Two mounting locations are provided. Other mounting positions are offered on request. Impedance of 50 Ohms is maintained over the full adjustment range. Smooth continuous phase adjustment. The ele...learn more »

1.85mm Phase Adjuster DC - 63.0 GHz

Spectrum Elektrotechnik introduces a new member of his in-series, phase-adjustable Adapters family. The LS-0165-VFVM maintains 50 ohms over the full adjustment range from DC - 63.0 GHz. The product is needed for adjusting the electrical lengths of lines in applications where data rates of 40 GBit/s and above are being transferred in optical systems. Features Physical len...learn more »

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