Introduction of SpectrumFlex Cables

SpectrumFlex Cables are a flexible alternative for semi-rigid cables. These cables can be terminated with any standard semi-rigid cable connector which makes them a cost saving alternative. Consistent performance is maintained due to their durable construction. The SpectrumFlex Cable series consists of 3 different cable types: 47F (replacing the 0.047" semi-rigid cables) 89...learn more »

Right Angle Connectors and Adapters

If there were such a thing as a perfect connector it would consist solely of an outer conductor, a center conductor and a homogeneous dielectric, forming a perfect 50 ohms line. A product that comes close to that perfection is an airline, as used for calibration and testing with network analyzers. In reality, the regular straight connector is much more complicated, full of irre...learn more »

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