Passive Components


Terminations are forming two different groups of devices: the Absorptive Devices and the Reflective Devices. Terminations, or loads, are power absorbing devices. They are matched to the characteristic impedance of the transmission line. The power reflecting devices are Short Circuit Terminations and Open Circuit Terminations. Shorts and Opens are both fully reflective, with the difference of a quarter wavelength. learn more »



Attenuators are passive linear components, being used to reduce the input power in a system by a certain amount. The ratio of input power versus output power is generally expressed in decibels (dB). Attenuators are needed to control the microwave energy, mainly during measurement. They are also used to protect systems from excess energy, to extend the dynamic range of measuring equipment, such as power meters, spectrum analyzers, amplifiers, receivers, etc. learn more »



The Gain Amplitude Equalizers is an absorptive device having a particular attenuation curve. Two significant categories can be described:


These devices are mainly used at TWT's to compensate the saturated gain. The maximum attenuation is expected in mid band, the minimums are at the band ends. The maximum attenuation can be a few dB or even more than 30 dB. At the band edge losses of less than 1 dB are desirable.


The application of these units is to compensate the frequency dependant loss of long coaxial cable assemblies or delay lines. The maximum loss at the low band edge can be a few dB or as much as 30 dB, while at high band end edge losses as little as possible are desirable. The loss at the higher frequency limit is usually less than 1 dB. learn more »



DC-Block Connectors consist of a short length of a coaxial transmission line and having a capacitance in series with the center conductor or the outer conductor, or both. The RF is transmitted with negligible reflections and attenuation while the DC or video frequencies are blocked. The DC-Blocks are carefully designed and matched to work to higher frequencies, e.g. 18.0 GHz. learn more »

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