Test Necessities


Vector Network Analyzers are commonly used to accurately determine the RF Characteristics of microwave components. Accurate Testing of microwave circuits means eliminating measurement errors and ensuring repeatable results. This is only possible when the network analyzers can be calibrated with known and true calibration standards. These standards are not to be subjected to any kind of limitations, they must rather be designed to perfection. As Network Analyzers do have the ability to reduce error terms to negligible values, they depend on the quality and integrity of the Calibration Standards. learn more »


It contains all the components needed for calibration in the subject connector series, Opens, Shorts, Broadband Loads, and the Software Configuration Medium. learn more »


Besides the components supplied with the Standard Calibration Kit, a set of interface gauges for center conductor location dimensions, calibration blocks for zeroing the gauges, wrenches, and a torque wrench are added. learn more »


Additional to the components supplied with the Expanded Calibration Kit, the sets of interface gauges and calibration blocks are completed for measuring further also certain critical outer conductor dimensions. A set of thread limit gauges for checking the connector and coupling nut threads is supplied as well. Four empty spaces can be filled with optional adapters, individually to be specified. learn more »


Accurate Testing of microwave circuits means eliminating measurement errors and ensuring repeatable results. This is only possible when the network analyzers can be calibrated with known and true calibration standards. These standards are not to be subjected to any kind of limitations, they must rather be designed to perfection.

The SMP is a 2.4mm connector, using solid dielectric interface. The female connector utilizes besides a slotted center conductor also a slotted outer conductor, which is unconventional. The female connector is designed to snap into the male connector, which is normally called the “socket”.

It is probably safe to say that millions of SMP connectors have been used, some even in critical parts of systems. The SMPs are popular because they are easy to install. Also, they are small, and therefore can be packaged densely, and they do not need to be torqued. Under most circumstances, the retention force of a fully detented pair of connectors is high enough to guarantee proper connection. learn more »


The LRL (Line Reflective Line), or TRL (Through Reflective Line) Kits are using a different approach. To calibrate the system a Short is needed and Throughlines of two different lengths. The Throughlines are supposed to be ideal. This means that not only the impedance of 50 Ohms has to be maintained perfectly. Center Contacts are allowed to be recessed within allowed limits. The Center Contacts of the Throughlines are therefore available in different lengths, taking care of the recessed Contacts at the Test Equipment. Therefore for every Outer Conductor of a Throughline a number of Center Contacts are supplied, from “0” Recession/Protrusion to max. Protrusion, equaling the max. allowable Recession of the Test Equipment Connector. learn more »


When purchasing an Open-Short-Load-Through Kit, or a LRL/TRL Kit, Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH will assure that the components are in superior condition. But by using the Kit day after day, the components may wear out, or degrade to an unacceptable extent. The Verification Kit is supplied to verify that the Calibration Kit still operates within the limits, or to identify the problems with certain Calibration Components. learn more »



Most commonly as Calibration Components are known the Opens, Shorts, Loads, and the Throughlines. Other necessities, useful before or during the calibration sequence and the testing, are Connector Interface Gauges, Torque Wrenches, Thread Limit Gauges and Instrument Grade Adapters. Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH does supply all these components. learn more »

Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH offers besides the components, supplied in calibration kits, a variety of Opens, Shorts, Loads and Throughlines that can be purchased individually and are available in most connector series. The Opens and Shorts, not furnished in Kits are not necessarily supplied with the calibration properties of the components. They might be available with the subject data, and even on disc, but this has to be verified with our sales staff, or with engineering. learn more »

Testing the interfaces of connectors and adapters upon incoming inspection is not only highly recommended, it is definitely a necessity. Interfaces not meeting specification will not only lead to degraded specification of the components, furthermore, these out of specification interfaces may damage the connectors of mating components or ruin the connectors of test equipment. learn more »

Connectors have to be mated and need to be tightened. Some people do it by hand, some use a regular wrench, some use a Torque Wrench. People who are using nothing but their fingers for tightening, usually undertorque. The electrical performance will vary from tightening to tightening, depending how tired the fingers are. In addition: If the same component is tested several times and by different people using only their fingers for tightening, the electrical performance will even vary more, as different torque will be applied, equivalent to the strength of the individual. But strength does not only depend on the physical ability of the individual, but also one’s perception of what constitutes proper torque. Tightening connectors by hand will result from very loose fits to almost correct fits, but usually always incorrect fits. Tightening connectors by hand is obviously inadequate and not recommendable. learn more »


Adapter Type to Phase
Frequency Range
VSWR (max.) Length
(inches) (mm)
2.4 mm female 2.4 mm female yes 8801-HFHF-02 DC - 50.0 1.20:1 .819 20.8
2.4 mm male 8801-HFHM-02 .786 19.96
male 8801-HMHM-02 .753 19.12
2.92 mm female 2.92 mm female yes 8801-KFKF02 DC - 40.0 1.15:1 .731 18.6
2.92 mm male 8801-KFKM-02 .772 19.6
male 8801-KMKM-02 .814 20.7
3.5 mm female 3.5 mm female yes 8801-9292-02 DC - 35.0 1.15:1 .948 24.1
3.5 mm male 8801-9192-02 .989 25.1
male 8801-9191-02 1.03 26.2
7 mm --- 7 mm --- 8001-9090-03 DC - 18.0 1.06:1 2.188 55.6
7/16 female 7/16 female no 8001-7676-02 DC - 7.5 1.06 + 0.005 x f(GHz) 1.95 49.5
7/16 male 8001-7576-02 2.03 51.5
male 8001-7575-02 1.785 45.34
BNC female BNC female no 8001-8181-02 DC - 4.0 1.06 + 0.01 x f(GHz) 1.22 31.0
BNC male 8001-7181-02 1.382 35.1
male 8001-7171-02 1.539 39.1
N female N female yes 8801-6161-02 DC - 18.0 1.06 + 0.005 x f(GHz) 2.279 57.9
N male 8801-5161-02 1.944 49.4
male 8801-5151-02 1.61 40.9
SC female SC female yes 8801-7979-02 DC - 10.0 1.05 + 0.01 x f(GHz) 2.691 68.3
SC male 8801-7980-02 2.251 57.2
male 8801-8080-02 1.823 46.3
SMA female SMA female no 8001-2121-02 DC - 18.0 1.06 + 0.005 x f(GHz) .50 12.7
SMA male 8001-1121-02 .878 22.3
male 8001-1111-02 .875 22.2
Test Connector
female SMP female yes 8801-TPTP-02 DC - 18.0


.579 14.7
8802-TPTP-02 DC - 40.0 1.20:1
SMP male 8801-TJTP-02 DC - 18.0 1.15:1 .754 19.1
8802-TJTP-02 DC - 40.0 1.20:1
male 8801-TJTJ-02 DC - 18.0 1.15:1 .928 23.6
8802-TJTJ-02 DC - 40.0 1.20:1
SPM female SPM female yes 8801-PJPJ-02 DC - 18.0 1.15:1 .839 21.3
SPM male 8801-PJPM-02 .878 22.3
male 8801-PMPM-02 .921 23.4
TNC female TNC female yes 8801-4141-02 DC - 18.0 1.06 + 0.005 x f(GHz) 1.98 50.3
TNC male 8801-3141-02 1.677 42.6
male 8801-3131-02 1.374 34.9
TNX female TNX female no 8001-4949-02 DC - 18.0 1.06 + 0.005 x f(GHz) 1.37 34.9
TNX male 8001-3949-02 1.35 34.2
male 8001-3939-02 1.13 28.7



Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH manufactures a series of Phase-stable Cable Assemblies, fitted at one side with the appropriate NMD connector for direct connection with the Scalar Network Analyzers of Hewlett Packard and Wiltron and with either 2.4 mm, 2.92 mm, 3.5 mm, SMP, N, or TNC, etc. males or females, at the other end of the assembly. learn more »



Vector network analyzers require electrically stable cable assemblies for measurement in very critical areas, such as Phase, Amplitude and VSWR. Cables have to maintain calibration data, even when subjected to bending and twisting which can introduce distorting parameters. The cable assembly needs to be flexible without being flaccid.



Phase-stable Cable Assemblies

Spectrum´s automatic network analyzer test cable assemblies do meet all the requirements. These reliable test cables offer significant advantages when compared with standard test cables. The Cables of Types 18 and 22 are very similar. The only difference is that Type 22 is armored, using a silicone jacketed fabric interwoven stainless steel spring. The flexibility of the cable can be compared with regular test cable assemblies. The operating frequency is recommended to 26.5 GHz. The cable assemblies of Type 22 will withstand a pull of 22 pounds and are crush resistant to 880 pounds/square inch without degredation.



One end of the Assembly will usually be terminated with an NMD 2.4mm, 3.5mm, or K* connector, as needed for connecting directly with the RF output of the network analyzer. These NMD Connectors are designed with a larger than standard coupling nut for greater stability. The other end of the ANA - Assembly may be terminated with any of the connectors, as needed in the customers test application, mating in direct connection with the device under test, such as 2.4mm, 3.5mm, 7mm, N, SMA, SPM, TNC, etc. As a large variety of connectors are available, adapters are not necessary and the test setup becomes simple and trustworthy. Sensitive tests can be performed, most accurate testing accomplished.



The cable assemblies can be manufactured in almost any length, up to 6 meters (20ft.).



All necessary materials and piece parts will be carried in stock, helping to facilitate fast delivery. Cable assemblies of the most popular lengths, e.g. 45 cm. (17.7") and 60 cm. (2.36"), terminated with preferred connector styles, such as 2.4mm and 3.5mm for the Hewlett-Packard 8510 and K* for Wiltron 360, will be available, in most cases, within a few days of order placement.



ANA Cable Assemblies can be supplied in an instrument case. It normally contains beside the assemblies a torque wrench, or torque wrenches, as needed for the different connector styles, hex, and torques required.



Spectrum Elektrotechnk GmbH is a very innovative company. Our engineers are constantly designing new products, or modifying existing products to customers’ requests. Therefore catalogs never will be complete. If you do not find exactly what you need in our catalogs, please contact our sales or engineering department.

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