To manufacture superior products, well educated and trained personnel, state-of-the-art machines and proper and well engineered tooling are necessities. This ensures quality products and competitive pricing. Therefore most of the products are built in companies, specializing in the different product categories.

Cable assemblies are necessary for signal routing between components within a system. Not all of these cable assemblies can be manufactured and then installed in the systems. In some applications the connector is too big in diameter to fit through the slots, the cable has to be pulled through. In those cases the cable has to be terminated with the connector after the cable is put in place. Other examples are laboratories where certain cable assemblies are to be replaced or repaired immediately, etc. For those applications Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH is offering a number of tools. But it cannot be expected that these manually used tools are as good as the machines used for the manufacturing of superior cable assemblies at the Cable Assembly Division of Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH.

Besides the adequate manufacturing tools, also a number of important test tools are needed, to ensure proper manufacturing and repeatable testing.



They are used to cut interfaces at semi rigid cables. Others are engineered to cut interfaces at the flexible cable assemblies.



Instead of soldering, center contacts and outer conductors can be crimped. The pliers for crimping the center contacts and the pliers used for the outer conductors are different, as much higher pressure is needed for the outer conductors. A variety of inserts can be supplied, as needed for the different cables.



Connector gauges are needed for measuring the critical interface dimensions of coaxial connectors. These connector gauges consist of an especially adapted dial indicator with appropriate bushings and pins that are designed to mate with the specific connector under test. The indicator of each gauge is zero set by a specific master gauge. When engaged to a connector, it measures the specific interface dimension from a specific reference plane. For every dimension of interest, a special gauge is offered. This gives the most accurate results, allows easy calibration, fast and comfortable testing and it helps to avoid mistakes. learn more »



For proper test results and long life of the connectors the rules need to be obeyed. For each individual connector series a torque has been specified, a torque that ensures proper mating conditions, repeatable electrical performance and guarantees mechanically a long life of the connectors. Using a Torque Wrench guarantees that the connection is not too loose, it also ensures that the connection is not too tight, preventing possible connector damage and impaired electrical performance. Using the Torque Wrench also assures that all connections are equally tight, each time. learn more »



It is almost a necessity to check the thread of connectors and adapters. Out of limits thread can create serious problems and may damage the connectors of mating components or ruin the connectors at test equipment. Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH offers a comprehensive line of thread limit gauges to check the thread on a “GO” / “NO GO” basis. learn more »

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