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When purchasing an Open-Short-Load-Through Kit, or a LRL/TRL Kit, Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH will assure that the components are in superior condition. But by using the Kit day after day, the components may wear out, or degrade to an unacceptable extent. The Verification Kit is supplied to verify that the Calibration Kit still operates within the limits, or to identify the problems with certain Calibration Components.

(Standard Calibration Kit)
Standard Calibration Kit


(Professional Calibration Kit)
Professional Calibration Kit



Each Verification Kit contains as a minimum one “ideal” airlines of 50 Ohms, and a mismatch of 25 ohms. Both units consist of separate Outer Conductors and Center Conductors.

In the Instrument Case is a certain space available where a Torque Wrench, and a set of single ended wrenches, supplied on separate order, can be fitted. To install the Airline, or the Mismatch, please proceed as follows:

  1. Install the Outer Conductor at one of the Test Connectors.
  2. Insert the Center Conductor into the Outer Conductor of the Airline, or the Mismatch, respectively. Please use the especially designed Insertion Tool.
  3. Extract the Insertion Tool and connect carefully the second Test Connector.

EQUIPMENT PROVIDED for Verification Kits
(Standard Calibration Kit)
Description of Standard Calibration Kit


EQUIPMENT PROVIDED for VErification Kits
(Professional Calibration Kit)
Description of Professional Calibration Kit



In order to ensure proper mating of the connectors, it is highly recommended to always use Torque Wrenches. They do not only ensure proper connection of the components, they also help to prevent overtorquing, which may damage or degrade the performance of these expensive “ideal” components.



Verification Kits are available in the following connector series: 2.4mm, 2.9mm, 3.5mm, 7mm, N and SMP.



Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH offers a series of Phase Stable Assemblies, fitted at one side with the appropriate NMD connector for direct connection with the Vector Network Analyzers of Hewlett Packard and Wiltron, and with 2.4mm, 3.5mm, K*, SMP, N, etc., males and females at the other end of the Assembly.

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